Civil Works design And Supervision

  • Transport Infrastructures: roads, railways, airports, ports
  • Hydraulic Works: water supply, drainage and sewage
  • Major structures
  • Infrastructures for treatment of urban and industrial waste
  • Oil and Energy Pipelines
  • Energy Networks: gas methane, electricity, public lighting
  • Supervision of construction and maintenance works
  • Service Level Agreements & Performance-based maintenance
  • contracts

Related works

  • Ferrovie Sud – Est / Green System

    Country : Italy
    When : 1999-2000
    Work : Financial analysis of the railway restructuring project “Sud – Est” Railway in Puglia Region
    Ferrovie Sud – Est / Green System
  • European Union / Systra-Sotecni

    Country : Albania
    When : 1999-2003
    Work : TENDER DOCUMENT PREPARATION AND SUPERVISION of the construction works of the Tirana-Durres Motorway (section Vora – Durres)
    European Union / Systra-Sotecni
  • ANAS -Italian Highway Authority / SIM

    Country : Italy
    When : 1998-2001
    Work : CONSTRUCTION OF A32 TORINO-BARDONECCHIA HIGHWAY - Technical and legal assistance to ANAS in monitoring road construction works from bidding procedures to works administration and completion (875 road contracts, Torino-Bardonecchia Highway)
    ANAS -Italian Highway Authority / SIM
  • Catania Port Administration / Mediocredito – Europrogetti & Finanza

    Country : Italy
    When : 1988-2000
    Work : CATANIA PORT EXPANSION PROJECT - Design, feasibility and project financing of the rehabilitation and expansion project of the port of Catania
    Catania Port Administration / Mediocredito – Europrogetti & Finanza
  • European Union (DG VIII) / Italferr

    Country : Ethiopia / Djibouti
    When : 1998-2000
    Work : Preparation of the PROJECT DOSSIER FOR THE CONCESSION of the “Chemin de Fer Djibouto-Ethiopien”, Addis – Djibouti railway, project document, concession agreement and guidelines for minimum rail safety works
    European Union (DG VIII) / Italferr
  • Angola – Ministry of Transport / World Bank / Italconsult

    Country : Angola
    When : 1998-2000
    Work : ANGOLA TRANSPORT DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY - Technical assistance (two years) for the institutional strengthening of the GEPE (Bureau of Studies, Planning and Statistics) of the Ministry of Transport and preparation of the Transport Development Strategy of the country
    Angola - Ministry of Transport / World Bank / Italconsult
  • European Union / Italferr

    Country : Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania
    When : 1998-1999
    Work : DEVELOPMENT OF RAILWAY AND COMBINED TRANSPORT ON CORRIDOR IV - Feasibility study on the development of railway and combined transport on Corridor IV: Preliminary design of the Arad – Brasov – Bucharest and Sofia – Plovdiv – Svilengrad sections; combined terminals in Arad, Brasov and Dimitrovgrad IV
    European Union / Italferr
  • ERA – Ethiopian Roads Authority / ILO

    Country : Ethiopia
    When : 1997-1999
    Work : TIGRAY AND WOLLO ROAD REHABILITATION PROJECT – Project Evaluation: Project design and concept, analysis of project implementation and project results
    ERA – Ethiopian Roads Authority / ILO
  • World Bank / SPEA

    Country : Russia
    When : 1998-2000
    Work : MUTP - MUNICIPAL URBAN TRANSPORT PLAN IN MOSCOW - The MUTP included the new design and circulation plan for the central ring road (Sadovaye Kalso) and the two major urban roads of Warshavskoe and Shelkovskoe, with detailed design for pedestrian underpasses and traffic light calculation. Include also institutional assistance for Traffic Police in Moscow.
    World Bank / SPEA
  • AMI (Azienda Multiservizi Intercomunale) / Studio T.I.

    Country : Italy
    When : 1997-1998
    Work : NEW MARSHALLING YARDS at Imola – dimensioning, lay-out and feasibility study
    AMI (Azienda Multiservizi Intercomunale) / Studio T.I.