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Who we are

SPT (Studi e Pianificazione del Territorio srl) is a dynamic Italian Consulting company based in Roma with 40 years’ experience in the field of planning and engineering studies, acquired through a continuous process of assignments given by prominent international and national institutions for the territorial development in different parts of the world.

SPT collects the professional experience and know-how of experts in different sectors related to territory comprehension and design (Infrastructure Engineering; Sustainable Transport; IT Innovation, Economic Development plans; Urban mobility Plans; Asset management systems; Logistics and Trade; Transport Facilitation; Environmental; Climate Change Studies; Economic and Social Analysis; PPP financing; Project Evaluation and Monitoring).


What we do

SPT has completed important projects/studies in different parts of the world regarding Civil Infrastructure Design & Supervision; Transport Planning; Sustainable Urban Mobility; Logistics and TT Facilitation; Rural Development; Social, Environmental, Eco-Fin Investment Evaluations.

How we do

SPT can carry out sectoral or integrated consulting services in the different phases of: Identification, Preparation, Evaluation and Implementation of Territorial Projects, using innovative and updated know-how and assuring constant technical assistance, training and technology transfer.

SPT operates according to a quality system that is certified ISO 9001/2008 by document n. 72003-2010- AQ-ITA-SINCERT released, controlled and updated every year.



Economic Financial Studies


Urban Transport Solutions

Social & Environmental Studies

Smart Mobility Solutions

Smart mobility for a smart city. Use of IT to Improve network and traffic management systems. Increase safety levels and reduce traffic accidents. Increase efficiency in communications and travel times. ensure environmental and economic sustainability.

Road Asset Management System

How to manage the national/regional/urban road system (biggest public financial asset), optimizing the life-cycle maintenance expenditure and minimising public disbursements, user costs and environmental/safety impacts.

Road Construction Model

Creating a single-system platform for the automatic exchange of administrative documents for road construction workflow, following FIDIC or different national procedures, reducing labour costs for documents and reporting, producing As-Built Documentation, increasing transparency and quality performance.

Integrated Transport Master Plans

Creating an integrated and dynamic model at local, national and regional level, for the simulation of multimodal passenger and freight movements in the short, medium and long term, considering all modes of transport and their intermodal terminals. Quick evaluation of different investment packages to accommodate transport demand changing scenarios.

Ensuring accessibility

Ensuring that every transport intervention is accessible to all people. Improved access and mobility are critical for reducing isolation, vulnerability and dependency for poor and vulnerable people.

trade & transport facilitation

Trade & Transport facilitation along international corridors to integrate developing economies, through simplification and harmonization of international transport procedures and the associated information flows. Improvement of the logistic chain performance and transport security. Promoting multilateral Agreements.

Disaster Risk Management

Identifying measures that are to be taken before a natural hazard occurs with the aim of limiting or avoiding adverse impacts of a natural event on infrastructure and society. Climate change adaptation plans to reduce the disaster risk for people and infrastructures due to: floods, storms and landslides,

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