Civil Works design And Supervision

  • Transport Infrastructures: roads, railways, airports, ports
  • Hydraulic Works: water supply, drainage and sewage
  • Major structures
  • Infrastructures for treatment of urban and industrial waste
  • Oil and Energy Pipelines
  • Energy Networks: gas methane, electricity, public lighting
  • Supervision of construction and maintenance works
  • Service Level Agreements & Performance-based maintenance
  • contracts

Related works

  • Italian Ministry of Public Works

    Country : Italy
    When : 1996-1997
    Work : FEASIBILITY STUDY FOR THE ENLARGEMENT OF THE SALERNO-REGGIO CALABRIA MOTORWAY (450 km): Study on the toll system and design of new accesses
    Italian Ministry of Public Works
  • Monte Porzio Catone Municipality

    Country : Italy
    When : 1996
    Work : MUNICIPALITY OF MONTE PORZIO CATONE - Parking survey and design of new parking facilities in the historical centre of Monte Porzio Catone
    Monte Porzio Catone Municipality
  • Albania – General Roads Directorate / SPEA

    Country : Albania
    When : 1995-1996
    Work : SECOND TRANSPORT PROJECT - Analysis of the national road network and priority ranking of the road sections to be rehabilitated - Planning Study for the identification of priority interventions on the national road network of the country
    Albania - General Roads Directorate / SPEA
  • World Bank / Italferr

    Country : Morocco
    When : 1996-1997
    Work : STUDY ON THE COMPETITIVENESS OF THE CASABLANCA–FÉS CORRIDOR - Feasibility Study of the doubling of the track between Meknez and Fez
    World Bank / Italferr
  • Cosenza Municipality / Publitecnica

    Country : Italy
    When : 1995
    Work : URBAN TRANSPORT PLAN FOR COSENZA MUNICIPALITY - Development of the urban transport plan for Cosenza Municipality, including traffic analysis and forecast, traffic management plan, urban development aspects
    Cosenza Municipality / Publitecnica
  • Italferr / Tecnic

    Country : Italy
    When : 1995
    Work : HIGH-SPEED RAILWAY ROME-NAPLES - Construction design of the section between km 160+726 and km 168+741, including interference I NG1
    Italferr / Tecnic
  • TRAM (Public Transport Agency)

    Country : Italy
    When : 1995
    Work : STUDY OF RESTRUCTURING OF PUBLIC TRANSPORT ALONG THE TOURIST COAST OF EMILIA ROMAGNA REGION - Definition of a mass transit system and design of a dedicated infrastructure and vehicle
    TRAM (Public Transport Agency)
  • Eritrea – Ministry of Construction / Italian Co-operation

    Country : Eritrea
    When : 1994-1995
    Work : Bridge survey along 1,400 km of primary roads (about 200 bridges) to identity emergency repair works to be financed by the World Bank
    Eritrea - Ministry of Construction / Italian Co-operation
  • European Union / Italferr

    Country : Ethiopia / Djibouti
    When : 1994-1996
    Work : MINIMUM EMERGENCY PHYSICAL REPAIR WORKS “CHEMIN DE FER DJIBOUTO-ETHIOPIEN” - Feasibility Study for emergency physical repair works on the “Chemin de fer Djibouto-Ethiopien”: Design of the emergency rail rehabilitation and steel bridge replacement
    European Union / Italferr
  • European Union / Warsaw Municipality

    Country : Poland
    When : 1994
    Work : Pilot Study of Conceptual Project Variants for Structural Ownership Changes of the MUNICIPAL SANITATION ENTERPRISE and for the modernisation of waste utilisation system in Warsaw and Vicinity and the selection of the preferred variant
    European Union / Warsaw Municipality