Economic Financial Studies

  • Economic Feasibility Studies
  • Financial Analyses, Business Plans
  • Project Financing and Concession/BOT Studies
  • Legal/Financial Advisory and Market Researches
  • Road Asset Management System (RAMS)
  • Performance Based Contracts

Related works

  • ANAS – Italian Highway Authority

    Country : Italy
    When : 2002-2003
    Work : ORTE-RAVENNA ROAD PROJECT - Requalification of the toll system on Orte-Ravenna road (E45)
    ANAS – Italian Highway Authority
  • Bucharest Municipality / SPEA

    Country : Romania
    When : 2001-2002
    Work : BUCHAREST URBAN ROADS Feasibility study, economic analysis and elaboration of a maintenance strategy for urban roads in Bucharest Municipality
    Bucharest Municipality / SPEA
  • ERA – Ethiopian Roads Authority / Systra-Sotecni

    Country : Ethiopia
    When : 2002-2003
    Work : PACKAGE B PROJECT - Feasibility study and environmental impact assessment of eighteen roads (Package B) including financial analysis, cost-benefit-analysis, traffic counts and evaluation of future traffic flows
    ERA - Ethiopian Roads Authority / Systra-Sotecni
  • European Union / Kampsax

    Country : Italy, France
    When : 2001-2002
    Work : LYON-TURIN RAILWAY TUNNEL - Evaluation of the Studies Co-financed by the European Commission on the international section of the New Trans-Alp Rail Link Lyon-Turin: Analysis of the GEIE-Alps-tunnel activities related to the realisation of the railway tunnel Turin – Lyon
    European Union / Kampsax
  • CFR – Romanian Railway Authority/ Italferr

    Country : Romania
    When : 2002
    Work : ROMANIAN RAILWAYS CO-OPERATION PROJECT - Preparation of the environmental action plans related to the refurbishment of city stations and modernisation of rolling stock
    CFR – Romanian Railway Authority/ Italferr
  • ANAS – Italian Highway Authority / SPEA

    Country : Italy
    When : 2001-2002
    Work : IMPROVEMENT OF THE MEDIO-SAVUTO ROAD - Feasibility study and environmental assessment for the improvement of the Medio-Savuto national road in Italy, including economic and financial analysis, cost-benefit analysis, traffic analysis and design
    ANAS – Italian Highway Authority / SPEA
  • European Union / SEA

    Country : East Caribbean
    When : 2001
    Work : MONSERRAT AIRPORT REHABILITATION PROJECT - Review of Airport Options in Montserrat
    European Union / SEA
  • Ukraine Railway Administration (UZ) /BERD / Scott Wilson Systra

    Country : Ukraine
    When : 2001-2002
    Work : UKRAINE RAILWAY DEVELOPMENT PROJECT - Provision of support to the Project Implementation Unit; facilitation of the establishment of a procurement plan and preparation of tender documents; advise on the organisation and management of the tendering process; advise on the track renewal programme; assistance in the development of a business plan and financial and operational performance targets
    Ukraine Railway Administration (UZ) /BERD / Scott Wilson Systra
  • CCR Italy

    Country : Italy
    When : 2000
    Work : Market study and legal assistance for collection and disposal of industrial waste
    CCR Italy
  • European Union / SPEA

    Country : Bulgaria
    When : 1999-2000
    Work : FEASIBILITY STUDY OF THE SOFIA-KULATA MOTORWAY (E 79) - The Feasibility study and design for the construction of the Sofia-Kulata Motorway in Bulgaria) included the design and the evaluation of economic feasibility of the project, the analysis of alternatives and the environmental impact assessment of the alternatives
    European Union / SPEA