Economic Financial Studies

  • Economic Feasibility Studies
  • Financial Analyses, Business Plans
  • Project Financing and Concession/BOT Studies
  • Legal/Financial Advisory and Market Researches
  • Road Asset Management System (RAMS)
  • Performance Based Contracts

Related works


    Country : Russia
    When : 1997-1998
    Work : NEW MOTORWAY SAINT PETERSBURG–MOSCOW - Financial analysis and project financing for the new freeway Saint Petersburg–Moscow, Saint Petersburg-Vyborg section
  • BID – Interamerican Development Bank / Studio Valle

    Country : Argentina
    When : 1997
    Work : NATIONAL ROAD CORRIDOR PROJECT IN ARGENTINA: Economic and technical study for the evaluation of investments in the road corridors Paso Puyehue - Luján, Las Cuevas - B. de Irigoyen, Paso Jama - Paso de los Libres
    BID – Interamerican Development Bank / Studio Valle
  • Uganda – Ministry of Works / World Bank

    Country : Uganda
    When : 1997
    Work : TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE to the Ministry of Works in Uganda for the establishment of a Road Maintenance Management Branch
    Uganda - Ministry of Works / World Bank
  • European Union / Italferr

    Country : Poland
    When : 1996-1997
    Work : ELECTRIC TRACTION SUPPLY SYSTEM OF THE E 20 RAILWAY LINE - Feasibility study for the modernisation of electric traction supply system of the E 20 railway line, Kunowice-Warsaw section
    European Union / Italferr
  • Italian Ministry of Public Works

    Country : Italy
    When : 1996-1997
    Work : FEASIBILITY STUDY FOR THE ENLARGEMENT OF THE SALERNO-REGGIO CALABRIA MOTORWAY (450 km): Study on the toll system and design of new accesses
    Italian Ministry of Public Works
  • Cosenza Municipality / Publitecnica

    Country : Italy
    When : 1995
    Work : URBAN TRANSPORT PLAN FOR COSENZA MUNICIPALITY - Development of the urban transport plan for Cosenza Municipality, including traffic analysis and forecast, traffic management plan, urban development aspects
    Cosenza Municipality / Publitecnica
  • TRAM (Public Transport Agency)

    Country : Italy
    When : 1995
    Work : STUDY OF RESTRUCTURING OF PUBLIC TRANSPORT ALONG THE TOURIST COAST OF EMILIA ROMAGNA REGION - Definition of a mass transit system and design of a dedicated infrastructure and vehicle
    TRAM (Public Transport Agency)
  • EBRD

    Country : Central Europe
    When : 1994
    Work : CETIR - CENTRAL EUROPEAN TRANSPORT INFORMATION PROJECT - Building the transport database for CEI Countries
  • European Union / Italferr

    Country : Ethiopia / Djibouti
    When : 1994-1996
    Work : MINIMUM EMERGENCY PHYSICAL REPAIR WORKS “CHEMIN DE FER DJIBOUTO-ETHIOPIEN” - Feasibility Study for emergency physical repair works on the “Chemin de fer Djibouto-Ethiopien”: Design of the emergency rail rehabilitation and steel bridge replacement
    European Union / Italferr
  • Inter-American Development Bank / Spea-Sotecni

    Country : Bolivia
    When : 1994-1995
    Work : BOLIVIA ROAD ADMINISTRATION PROJECT - Study on the decentralisation of road administration: Definition of the new institutional organisation and identification of the road network to be assigned to departments
    Inter-American Development Bank / Spea-Sotecni